Day 8(Shine Bright like a Diamond)

I’ve always had trouble drawing male characters. Whenever I try to draw one they always end up looking like female-ish men 😛 . Maybe the reason is lack of practice or maybe my unwillingness to draw male characters. I think I’m more inclined to drawing anime girls or any characters relating to the female species.


As an artist, well as an amateur artist -_- (not trying to sound too professional :P) I find women more beautiful to draw—long hair, curves, beautiful eyes, it’s a very big challenge to draw beautiful female characters, trying to match or even trying to remotely resemble the real beauty that women possess and I’m not saying this because I fall under the same category 😛 . I love drawing them because I get to experiment with their hair, eyes ,postures, body structures and the way they symbolize beauty within them. No offence to men. Men are beautiful too 😉 but I guess I still haven’t realized that because, like I said before, I suck at drawing male characters  :/ , so I’m sure as soon as I become as good in drawing men as I am good in drawing women(well not that good though) I’ll have just as much fun drawing the male characters as I do when drawing female characters. So I really need a lot of practicing to do to appreciate both these species’ beauty from an ‘amateur’ artist’s perspective but in the meantime enjoy this post which includes digital artworks of my OCs. Both of these artworks include profile views of my OCs. I tried to give these a kind of abstract look. Hope you like it ^_^


Day 7(Mixed Feelings with Mixed Drawings)

Whewww….so using blog after a very long time. I didn’t get much time to draw anything new. So this time I’m posting both tradition and digital artworks that I did  a long time ago. I feel like I’m not improving at all 😥 just the same crappy amateur artist I used to be a year ago -_- I don’t know you guys decide :/

Day 6 (Some more digitalness)

So these past few days I had been practicing really hard to improve my drawing skills. It kinda sucks knowing I wouldn’t be able to practice much since my classes are soon starting. I would have to get busy again with studies -_- Anyways so I’m posting some more of my digital artworks. Hope you like my work 🙂

Thank You 2016 ^_^

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. I hope that 2017 will be good to me just like 2016 was ^_^ . 2016 is the year where I would say I was born again as an artist. I’ve always been passionate about drawing but I went through a phase in my life where I got so caught up with studies that I completely stopped drawing which had some very bad consequences. I started doing bad in my studies and started losing confidence in myself. Having a hobby is very important and even more important is practicing it once in a while. I forgot that the only remedy to all my problems, the only way to get my mind at piece was drawing. It was in this year 2016 where I started drawing again after 10 long painful years, and no, I’m not that old as you might think I am :P lol.

My World(Original Artwork Digital)

I had been drawing ever since I was 4 years old. And these past 10 years I had forgotten that drawing, creating art, creating something of your own was probably the only time I felt liberated..happy…myself. It would send me to a place where I could be myself, no sorrows, no jealousy, no competition, where friends don’t backbite about you and betray you, where people don’t try to bring you down or make you feel worthless about yourself, where we work together to try to show these inhuman, unkind, manipulative people that the world is ruled by the creative and compassionate people and not by those who always try to compete with others and in doing so become selfish and end up hurting others and themselves. There’s an artist in all of us which means each of us possesses a beautiful soul, a beautiful heart. As soon as we realize this, life will become a lot easier and more beautiful. It was the same for me. I feel a lot better now that I have started drawing again. I’m still struggling to have that mental peace though but I think it will come with age and experience :P but I’m not stopping this hobby of mine again no matter how busy I get for my studies or jobs or family issues.

HOPE (Original Artwork Traditional)

2016 is special to me because I got to meet some amazing artists and see their works through social drawing sites and I’m truly thankful to these websites for helping me out to showcase my talent and help me grow as an artist. I got to learn a lot from them and I’m still learning. I will try my best to improve my artistic skills. A piece of advice, never stop doing something that you love. It may seem useless right now but it will eventually become a very useful tool in your life and you’ll be glad that you had given importance to it and in the process nurtured it, be it music, art or whatever. Do what you are passionate about. People will always try to stop you, mock you, laugh at you but never give up. It took me 10 years to realize this but it’s never too late to do what you love, right? Life is long and just like the famous actor Jim Carrey says, “It’s better to fail at what you love than fail at what you don’t”. A very Happy New Year to everyone! :D Keep drawing and keep spreading love and sorry for the long post, I know nobody’s going to read it :P

Day4(Linearts Coloring)

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Lineart by gabrielleragusi
#mermaid #serafleur #lineart #coloring #contest
Lineart by serafleur
Lineart by Gregbo on Paigeeworld

Today I’m posting some artworks not drawn by me but colored by me for these online contests that I took part in . It’s always nice to see people who are as much passionate about art as you are and don’t consider it a waste of time. I’m obviously going to mention the artists’ names as I post their line arts. If you like their work you can follow them on instagram and/or on deviantart   🙂


Starting off as an Amateur Artist

Okay, so this is my first day as a blogger. Kinda excited 😀 but have like no clue how this thing works. I’ve watched a couple of youtube videos to get an idea about how to write blogs . It’s actually kinda easy once you start using it. The main reason behind starting my own blog is to see myself improving as an artist, hence the title 😉 . And I want to see people’s reactions( if there are any reading my blog) and their honest opinions about how I am doing as an artist. Your valuable comments would actually help me to improve my skills and assure me that I am actually growing as an artist. So I’ll be uploading my artworks here,  some digital and some traditional. Most of these are anime drawings because I’m an avid fan of anime 😀 I’m a self-taught artist so please don’t leave any mean comments -_- if you don’t like any of my drawings. I would really appreciate it if you criticized my work and gave me tips on how to improve in that particular area 🙂 . I know nobody’s going to read this long, never-ending blog unsure but if somebody takes some time off to read this, please….do know that it would mean a world to me and you would have at least one person who respects you without even knowing how you look like, or how popular or rich you are :D. You are loved my friend heart heart 

Ok so anyways, I’ll be posting mostly Mark Crilley’s inspired artworks because I just love his tutorials and then some of my own artworks. BTW I hate art thieves madthumbsdownthumbsdown so please don’t use my artworks without referring to my name. 



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