Day 17 ( How people around you shape your life)

A few days ago I came across this biography of Einstein, ‘The Life and Times’ by Ronald W. Clark and thought to give it a shot and learn how Einstein became the greatest scientist of the century with his theory of relativity. I was surprised to see how ordinary Einstein was when he was a kid( probably less than an average boy). He had a problem with his speaking and it was not until he was nine years old that he was able to speak properly without any struggle. He was such a bad student that his school teacher had written a letter to his parents telling them that their son was hopeless and could never have a future with the kind of intellect that he had.

It was his uncle who got him interested in Physics and Mathematics and would inspire him to further his studies in these two fields. By the age of 13, he was reading all these textbooks and memorized them by heart while his uncle was always by his side correcting him and teaching him the right way to solve problems. His uncle was probably the first person to realize how brilliant Einstein was and selflessly helped him the best way he could to teach him the basics of Science. Einstein’s father wanted him to be an electrical engineer but Einstein had other plans for himself. He went to Switzerland and sat for the admission exam at the ETH Zurich University but failed miserably on his first attempt except for the Math section which he did very well in and so the principal gave him another chance to appear on the exam. Even after managing to pass the entrance exam, he still struggled with his studies and graduated with an average GPA.

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I wish I had the patience to read the entire book but the difficult language and the length of the book kind of bored me to death to continue with the reading. Nevertheless, whatever little information I’ve read, it has managed to stay in my head for a very long time and made me think how certain people inspire you to do what you do or become what you become. What if Einstein had never had an uncle like he had, would he still be inspired to study this field that he chose in his life? If there had been no one to guide him and inspire him to see the possibilities Physics could provide to describe the nature of this world, would he still have had the determination to study and experiment with different elements of Physics to be able to come up with one of the greatest theories of the world?


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His uncle was the one who introduced him to this field of study but what if Einstein had never met this uncle of his, then how would he have known that Physics was so interesting, that he was so good at something despite being bad at all the other things? The reason why I’m having these questions in my mind is that I’m confused with how a certain person excels in his/her life and the rest just go with the flow and are unable to achieve something great in their lives even though they are as hard working as that certain person is. Is it their fault that they don’t have it in them to become high achievers or is it just their bad luck that they haven’t found the right people who could inspire them to challenge their minds and try to make a better life and be a better version of themselves?

We are who we surround ourselves with. It’s like how people say that those who have had a tough childhood are most likely to suffer from depression. Those who have had family issues and had been brought up in a harsh atmosphere are most likely to grow up being unhappy with themselves and with their lives. Then there are some extraordinary ones like Shania Twain, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and so many other celebrities who had gone through so much but still with their hard work and perseverance they were able to overcome all the obstacles that life had thrown at them and they came out of it as winners. They had ambition and high hopes to become the best and along their way, they met people who believed in their vision and most importantly, believed in them to help them achieve their goals.

There are some who get upset over other people’s success stories and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. I’m a student and there was a time when I would get really mad at those who would claim to have studied nothing for the exam but would score the highest in the class. But right now, when I’m done with my Under graduation and going abroad for my higher education, I just realized that nothing good will ever come if I keep comparing myself to other people because that is only going to hold me back and refrain me from making friends with people who share the same interest as I do. I don’t want to continue my life constantly fretting over the fact that people are going to outdo me.

All my life I’ve been surrounded by people who only thought that life was all about fierce competition to become the best, to smirk and mock when other people lost and they won, to feel superior to those who were not as good as they were, to treat the losers invisible because they weren’t good enough to deserve to talk to the winners. Unfortunately, being around such so-called winners for so long can make one lose hope in humanity and even in oneself and that was pretty much what had been happening to me in the past few years. I lost my confidence, my smile and even the urge to explore my creativity through drawing.


It was not until I started my own art blog to realize how important art was in my life and not until my Under graduation completed that I realized life was never about competition or hating or envying people who were doing better than you. It was about living your own life, doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Sadly, I haven’t found the right people who could inspire me to go out there, take risks and follow my dreams, and I think this was the reason that despite being so hard-working I couldn’t achieve what I desired. Now that I’m at peace with myself I am ready for my next venture and I hope the place where I’m going to, I find what I have been looking for so many years.

You will always come across people who will be better than you at something, people who you will find intimidating, daunting perhaps but never lose confidence in yourself and don’t waste your time envying them because it will only make things worse. Keep your mind busy by reading good books, taking some time out for your hobby and spending time with people who bring positive energy into your life and help to keep your sanity intact.

So if you are hard-working ┬ábut still having a hard time achieving your goals please don’t be too hard on yourself or blame yourself for not being as good as others. It simply means that you are not passionate about what you’re doing or haven’t found the ideal job that could drive you to go beyond your potential. We all need someone to inspire us to do our best and guide us through the difficult ordeals in order to become the best version of ourselves. Even the great Einstein had someone to guide him to what he was destined for. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying hard and idly wait for the right people to come to your life and change it overnight. Have faith in yourself, never stop working hard, never stop believing in miracles and you’ll see where life takes you ;).