Day 16( Hello Real World!! ^_^)

Holaaaaaaaaa EVERYONE!!!!! 😀 😀 I wanted to share this good news with you all. ^_^ Sorry it took me a long time to post my next blog but I was really busy with my last semester of college and yep, you guessed it right 😀 the good news is that I am finally done with my Undergrad and the title says it all. A new life, a new beginning and a new but will-try-to-be a better version of me as I embark on my new endeavour to fulfil my dreams in the Real World.

Nature of Life
Nature of Life (Digital Original)

I’m excited, scared, curious and even doubtful of my own abilities if they are enough to help me achieve my goals in life. It’s daunting to even think about being out there, acting like a grown-up, pretending to know everything while deep inside feeling like a scared toddler who hasn’t even learned to walk properly. I am happy and at the same time worried about my future :/. I really miss being in college where submitting homework, assignments and attending exams were the only worrisome subjects of life occupying my mind.

Strange Things Around You (Digital Original)

As much as I hate to admit that I’m scared to death about my life after graduation, I don’t think worrying about the future will do any good  :/. So I’m just going to go ahead and continue working hard and will try my best to not let my failures and struggles affect my smile and happiness in any way :D. It’s like people say, ‘ Use your smile to change the World. Don’t let the World change your smile.’ Wish me Luck everyone! ^_^

Don’t Worry. Be Happy! (Digital Original)

6 thoughts on “Day 16( Hello Real World!! ^_^)

  1. Well, congratulations on graduation! Now, what are your dreams for the Real World?–which I’ll tell you quickly–is totally UnReal! Ha! I Love these drawings, Sunshine. It’s the mood I think. they brighten my day. So thank you and I am truly interested in hearing about your next step?

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    1. Thank you Paul!! ^_^ I am going to take a leap of faith now and do something that I’ve always wanted to do-animation. I want to study animation and take it as a profession 😀 Nothing makes me happier than to see my drawings bringing a smile on my followers’ face and brightening their day ^_^. It boosts up my confidence as an artist. I thank you for such kind words 🙂

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