Day 14 (Sketch with Colors)

Yelloooooo PEOPLE !!!!! How are you all doing?? ūüėÄ You know how I get excited every time I sit to type a blog for you peeps¬†^_^¬†and my artworks that I’m posting today will tell you exactly how much I appreciate your loving and encouraging comments about my work :’).

Full of Life (Digital Original)

My zest for art is what keeps me going. It helps me to stay calm and optimistic about life. Even though there are a zillion things in life¬†to stress me out, I know that as long as I have a pencil, paper and an eraser there’s nothing in this world that can bring me down.

When I’m drawing I feel like a Super-heroine who’s not afraid to stand up against the bad guys and with great¬†courage and strength tries her best to take them down. Well, in my case I don’t exactly consider them the bad guys but yes, there are certain people in my life and I’m sure you have them too who¬†give you that bad¬†vibe every time you are around them. But then I realized that it depends on me¬†that how I¬†react to certain situations and to certain people’s actions. If I choose to take the negative events of my life as a positive-learning experience only then I can control the consequences of such occurrences in a positive way.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman-Traditional (Reference Used)

I know, it’s easier said than done :/ ¬†and I’m trying my level-best to master this skill -_- . Most of the time I give in to the bad circumstances of my life and I often end up being the victim of the people who create these circumstances, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally ūüė¶¬†. But the good news is that now I can handle such situations way better than I used to before I started drawing again. It was my hobby that made me realize that a particular circumstance or a certain group of people cannot¬†decide who I am and what are my capabilities. I’m the only one who can shape my life and change my destiny.

Time of Joy (Digital Original)

In today’s world where everybody is competing against each other, trying to bring each other down, it is very difficult to have a positive attitude¬†towards¬†life and abide by this ‘I believe in Myself’ ¬†philosophy all the time. You will always face¬†obstacles in your life that will test your patience and strength and there will be times when you will want to give¬†up and feel like you are in a dark abyss of misery but like Charlie Chaplin says, “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles.” , so no matter how big the problem is, it will soon go away¬†^_^ . But during these difficult times where your problems seem an undefeatable force always remember that no force is stronger than the faith that you have in yourself ūüôā .

I may be small but I’m not afraid of you… (Digital Original)