Day 12 (Digital Artworks with a pinch of Horror Flavor )

Hello PEOPLE!!! 😀 😀 Hope everyone’s doing well :). So, Day 12….hmmmmm :/  I was wondering what I should post in this blog. Digital drawings, traditional drawings or Fanarts :3 How about I post Horror themed artworks!! 😀 . The idea came from recently watching the movie Split . It’s a psychological horror thriller film with James McAvoy playing a sufferer of Multiple Personality Disorder 😮 😮

Peace vs Anger ( Digital Original)

I came across this movie’s ad on Deviantart where they organized a contest in order to promote this movie. Now I couldn’t participate in that contest because as you know , I was super busy with exams but boy-oh-boy you should’ve seen the entries 😮 😮 They were all breathtakingly beautiful. But this post is neither about the movie nor about the contest( I wish it was about James McAvoy but no it’s not 😥 ) . Since I have a slight obsession with horror movies and anything that gives me goosebumps 😀 I often end up drawing things that are creepy and weird-looking 3:) 3:-) .

Fireflies warning the Red (Digital Original)

I usually don’t get scared of fictional horror movies but when I see that they are based on true events like Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Conjuring that’s when I have trouble sleeping at night :3 :3.

If I had to pick one horror movie that I would watch anytime-anywhere , then it would be The Wailing by Na Hong-jin. It’s a Korean horror flick with a plot line that will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!! 😮 😮

Behind you in the Misty Jungle (Digital Original)

It’s an AWESOME movie in terms of acting, story and the degree of horror meter. I hate horror movies that have like no stories and are just there to scare people with actors wearing Halloween costumes -_- . But this movie is completely different from all the other horror movies that I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend this movie to you all and I would love to know some of your favorite horror movies. Cheerio! ^_^  ^_^

Beautiful Sacrifice (Digital Original)

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