Day 13 (Doodly Doodles)

Today’s blog is about the weird doodles I did out of boredom ( some on class notes and some on digital medium) . I once read in an article that people who frequently make doodles are usually very restless and have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. Hmmmm…..that explains a lot about my behavior.

Doodle  (Digital Original)

Even though I’m as lazy as a cow , my mind is constantly thinking about stuffs that make like no sense :/ Sometimes I think about dinosaurs and sometimes about fairies. There are times when I contemplate about my future and wish that one day I would become a scientist who would turn this entire world into a CARTOON WORLD 😀 😀 I know, I’m weird :/ But I guess the best part about being restless, about being curious, about being ‘ WEIRD’  is that you don’t need people to keep you interested, to keep you happy. You have your own mind and your own little world to keep you busy ^_^ and the best way to avoid being bored is to draw doodles whenever and wherever you can.


To me nothing is a waste of time, not even doodling. It is believed that people who doodle a lot usually have an active mind because their mind is constantly thinking and refuses to stay still at one topic.


So remember, next time someone laughs at you and mocks you for the weird doodle you made in your notebook just ignore them. Be happy and proud of this talent of yours because you never know, sometimes the things that seem a waste of time right now might actually prove to be very beneficial to you in the future in some way or another. TATA!! ^_^ .

Ref used  (Digital Original)
Be Who You Are (Traditional)



Day 12 (Digital Artworks with a pinch of Horror Flavor )

Hello PEOPLE!!! 😀 😀 Hope everyone’s doing well :). So, Day 12….hmmmmm :/  I was wondering what I should post in this blog. Digital drawings, traditional drawings or Fanarts :3 How about I post Horror themed artworks!! 😀 . The idea came from recently watching the movie Split . It’s a psychological horror thriller film with James McAvoy playing a sufferer of Multiple Personality Disorder 😮 😮

Peace vs Anger ( Digital Original)

I came across this movie’s ad on Deviantart where they organized a contest in order to promote this movie. Now I couldn’t participate in that contest because as you know , I was super busy with exams but boy-oh-boy you should’ve seen the entries 😮 😮 They were all breathtakingly beautiful. But this post is neither about the movie nor about the contest( I wish it was about James McAvoy but no it’s not 😥 ) . Since I have a slight obsession with horror movies and anything that gives me goosebumps 😀 I often end up drawing things that are creepy and weird-looking 3:) 3:-) .

Fireflies warning the Red (Digital Original)

I usually don’t get scared of fictional horror movies but when I see that they are based on true events like Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Conjuring that’s when I have trouble sleeping at night :3 :3.

If I had to pick one horror movie that I would watch anytime-anywhere , then it would be The Wailing by Na Hong-jin. It’s a Korean horror flick with a plot line that will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!! 😮 😮

Behind you in the Misty Jungle (Digital Original)

It’s an AWESOME movie in terms of acting, story and the degree of horror meter. I hate horror movies that have like no stories and are just there to scare people with actors wearing Halloween costumes -_- . But this movie is completely different from all the other horror movies that I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend this movie to you all and I would love to know some of your favorite horror movies. Cheerio! ^_^  ^_^

Beautiful Sacrifice (Digital Original)

Day 11 Hello Jack … Chucky’s back! :D :D

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!HELLLLLOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!! 😀 😀 How are you all doing??? I’ve got some very good news to share with you all ^_^ I got an A in my thesis course 😀 😀 I still can’t believe it :/ It’s so surreal 😮 😮 .But I really worked hard for this A and I’m thankful to the  Creator for answering my prayers ^_^

Imagine...... (Digital Original)

I also want to thank you all for bringing such a positive change into my life. Your encouraging comments about my drawings have really boosted up my confidence and made me realize that there’s still hope for me :’) , that I can overcome any kind of obstacle in my life as long as I love myself and have faith in myself and this grade is a proof of that ^_^ ^_^

I’m still not done with my Undergrad 😦 One semester left and I hope that soon ends well 😥 I see a lot of new followers here :o. Thank you so much for the follow. It really means a lot to me :’) .Hopefully, I’ll be getting more time to practice now 🙂 and you’ll get to see some more of my artworks here on blog. Please continue to support and encourage me like this. I’ve never met you but you all have a special place in my heart ^_^ It is because of you people that I have learned to appreciate myself and my skills :).

2015 vs 2017( Digital Original)