Day 10 (Mark Crilley tutorial)

Not going to make this post very long. Lucky you 😛 So I just got a few days break before countless quizzes and exams start forcing themselves into my life which is why I am able to spend some of my time blogging so that you lovely people can get the latest updates about my life 😀 Awwww….I already feel like a celebrity 😛 A girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

Coming back to the reality where quizzes and exams are trying to devour me  completely -_- , I took some time off to practice drawing and watching Mark Crilley tutorials are the best and quickest way to improve oneself as an artist. He shares some brilliant techniques and tricks that are very easy to follow and at the same time when you apply these you will realize how useful these are in making your drawings better than ever 😮 😮

Those of you who have seen his videos or are familiar with his work may or may not be able to distinguish my drawings from his because whenever I use reference from other people’s artworks I always try to add ‘my own element’ to it to make it…ummmm…I wouldn’t call it different but to leave a kind of signature mark to it so that people can recognize my self-made modifications in these drawings 🙂 So these drawings that I am posting today are probably a few days or a month old :/

I really hope that you like this post 🙂 Enjoy! ^_^


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