Day 9 Long Time No See :P

A very big HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO to you all!!! 😀 😀 Hope everyone is doing great ^_^ So, I’ve been super busy these past few days :/ with studies and other stuffs and was unable to take some time off for blogging 😦 . I would probably get even busier in the coming weeks 😦 so that’s a bummer 😥 but like I made a promise to myself in my first blog that I wouldn’t let anything come between me and my hobby which is drawing and so even during these busy days I try to make some time for my passion and Deviantart is a living or should I say a virtual proof of that :/


Just wanted to share with you guys that I’ve reached 100+ followers on Deviantart 😀 I’m very happy about it. Hopefully some day I’ll reach 100+ followers here as well ^_^ Dream big,right? 😛 I used to post my drawings on instagram but now I’ve stopped using it because there were artists who would send requests to follow me and then a few minutes  later they would unfollow me and that  would make me very upset. I know my drawings are crappy but still even if one is born an artist he/she still went through that phase when they had to practice to get to that professional level, when they were once a beginner….an amateur artist like me. I expected an artist to understand this. You hope for other artists to help you improve your drawing skills and not ignore you. If ordinary people had done this I wouldn’t have brooded over it much :/ but this was done by the very artists who would give posts about how their works had been rejected and how it would make them feel completely worthless about themselves. Well, they were doing the same to other artists as well, disrespecting their work -_- . Sending requests to follow me and then in a minute, deciding to not witness me grow as an artist was something I found very disappointing. It really doesn’t matter how good you draw or how many followers you have if you don’t have the heart of an artist who empathizes other artists and are willing to help them move forward then you’re just a puppet with moving hands. An artist should understand another artist and his/her journey as an artist. The reason why I stopped using Instagram was not because I couldn’t get myself many followers but because I didn’t get a chance to show my work to good artists who would criticize my work and would give me guidelines to improve myself.It was a complete waste of time :|Like a movie premiere in an empty Cinema Hall.Besides my crappy drawings are way too cool for these crappy people 😛 lol

Brightness-Original Artwork

When I started using Deviantart I was amazed to see that many professional artists working for marvel comics or mangas were following me or in Deviantart’s language ‘watching’ me and giving me some useful drawing guidelines and not only that; they have this section where you submit your art and request for the Critique and get some honest and useful criticisms about your work. Unlike Instagram, Deviantart wasn’t a complete waste of time 😀 You actually get to learn stuffs and improve your skills and showcase your talent.

Me Before You-Original Artwork(Digital)

No matter how crappy your drawings are you will always find people there who will appreciate and value your hard work and not just ignore you.  Now I’m not here to advertise Deviantart 😛 but if you are an artist and you are all about improving yourself as an artist and as a human being then I would suggest you to open an account on Deviantart. You will learn a lot from there 🙂 and I’m not saying this because I’ve got 100+ followers there 😛 but because a crappy artist like me just realized that there are artists out there who don’t judge you by your initial crappy drawings, will still have faith in you and are willing to guide you and help you to improve as an artist 🙂 Have a  good day everyone! ^_^

Fairies-Original Artwork(Digital)

9 thoughts on “Day 9 Long Time No See :P

  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Instagram. I use Instagram, but for personal photos and my friends follow me. My experience with Instagram has been good but I don’t really post my drawings there! What’s your deviant art ID? I can watch you. ^^

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    1. I don’t have anything against instagram 😉 Instagram is a pretty cool website 😀 but sometimes it gets bad because of the people using it :/ I think I’ll again start using it 😀 I really shouldn’t judge instagram for some of its bad users or maybe they are not bad but sometimes go over-the-top for followers :/ even if that means hurting other people’s feelings -_- But I would love to follow you on both Instagram and deviant art 😀 What’s your DA ID?

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      1. Yeah, for sure. I find that because Instagram is so popular, there are all kinds of people using it – including the rude people. :/ Sure! My Instagram username is rouzoro. As for DA, I’ll watch you now!

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