Howdy do PEEPOL!!!! 😀 Been a long time since I last posted something on this site. I was working on something that has finally come to fruition. YES YES YES You guessed it right!! ^_^ I’m going to AUSTRALIA!!! The country of Kangaroos, Koalas and all the MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD I’ll get to experience all of it with my very own eyes!! *_* *_* I can’t wait to fly there and live the life that I’ve always desired in my entire life. Thank you all for your encouraging words, love and support for me in every blog that I post here. It has certainly changed me for the better and made me a more optimistic person. You guys don’t know me and some of you might be thinking that I’m overreacting but you have no idea how your loving comments have had a huge positive impact on my life, especially during those times when everybody around me were looking down on me and thought that I could never achieve anything good in my life.


I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet 😛 Wish me luck everyone ^_^ and keep posting those lovely comments because I love reading them all 😀 I’m going to pack my bags now. 😛

CHEERIO!! ^_^ ^_^


You bring COLORS into my Life ❤ ❤ ( Digital Original)


Day 17 ( How people around you shape your life)

A few days ago I came across this biography of Einstein, ‘The Life and Times’ by Ronald W. Clark and thought to give it a shot and learn how Einstein became the greatest scientist of the century with his theory of relativity. I was surprised to see how ordinary Einstein was when he was a kid( probably less than an average boy). He had a problem with his speaking and it was not until he was nine years old that he was able to speak properly without any struggle. He was such a bad student that his school teacher had written a letter to his parents telling them that their son was hopeless and could never have a future with the kind of intellect that he had.

It was his uncle who got him interested in Physics and Mathematics and would inspire him to further his studies in these two fields. By the age of 13, he was reading all these textbooks and memorized them by heart while his uncle was always by his side correcting him and teaching him the right way to solve problems. His uncle was probably the first person to realize how brilliant Einstein was and selflessly helped him the best way he could to teach him the basics of Science. Einstein’s father wanted him to be an electrical engineer but Einstein had other plans for himself. He went to Switzerland and sat for the admission exam at the ETH Zurich University but failed miserably on his first attempt except for the Math section which he did very well in and so the principal gave him another chance to appear on the exam. Even after managing to pass the entrance exam, he still struggled with his studies and graduated with an average GPA.

Collected from Google

I wish I had the patience to read the entire book but the difficult language and the length of the book kind of bored me to death to continue with the reading. Nevertheless, whatever little information I’ve read, it has managed to stay in my head for a very long time and made me think how certain people inspire you to do what you do or become what you become. What if Einstein had never had an uncle like he had, would he still be inspired to study this field that he chose in his life? If there had been no one to guide him and inspire him to see the possibilities Physics could provide to describe the nature of this world, would he still have had the determination to study and experiment with different elements of Physics to be able to come up with one of the greatest theories of the world?


Collected from Google

His uncle was the one who introduced him to this field of study but what if Einstein had never met this uncle of his, then how would he have known that Physics was so interesting, that he was so good at something despite being bad at all the other things? The reason why I’m having these questions in my mind is that I’m confused with how a certain person excels in his/her life and the rest just go with the flow and are unable to achieve something great in their lives even though they are as hard working as that certain person is. Is it their fault that they don’t have it in them to become high achievers or is it just their bad luck that they haven’t found the right people who could inspire them to challenge their minds and try to make a better life and be a better version of themselves?

We are who we surround ourselves with. It’s like how people say that those who have had a tough childhood are most likely to suffer from depression. Those who have had family issues and had been brought up in a harsh atmosphere are most likely to grow up being unhappy with themselves and with their lives. Then there are some extraordinary ones like Shania Twain, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and so many other celebrities who had gone through so much but still with their hard work and perseverance they were able to overcome all the obstacles that life had thrown at them and they came out of it as winners. They had ambition and high hopes to become the best and along their way, they met people who believed in their vision and most importantly, believed in them to help them achieve their goals.

There are some who get upset over other people’s success stories and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. I’m a student and there was a time when I would get really mad at those who would claim to have studied nothing for the exam but would score the highest in the class. But right now, when I’m done with my Under graduation and going abroad for my higher education, I just realized that nothing good will ever come if I keep comparing myself to other people because that is only going to hold me back and refrain me from making friends with people who share the same interest as I do. I don’t want to continue my life constantly fretting over the fact that people are going to outdo me.

All my life I’ve been surrounded by people who only thought that life was all about fierce competition to become the best, to smirk and mock when other people lost and they won, to feel superior to those who were not as good as they were, to treat the losers invisible because they weren’t good enough to deserve to talk to the winners. Unfortunately, being around such so-called winners for so long can make one lose hope in humanity and even in oneself and that was pretty much what had been happening to me in the past few years. I lost my confidence, my smile and even the urge to explore my creativity through drawing.


It was not until I started my own art blog to realize how important art was in my life and not until my Under graduation completed that I realized life was never about competition or hating or envying people who were doing better than you. It was about living your own life, doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Sadly, I haven’t found the right people who could inspire me to go out there, take risks and follow my dreams, and I think this was the reason that despite being so hard-working I couldn’t achieve what I desired. Now that I’m at peace with myself I am ready for my next venture and I hope the place where I’m going to, I find what I have been looking for so many years.

You will always come across people who will be better than you at something, people who you will find intimidating, daunting perhaps but never lose confidence in yourself and don’t waste your time envying them because it will only make things worse. Keep your mind busy by reading good books, taking some time out for your hobby and spending time with people who bring positive energy into your life and help to keep your sanity intact.

So if you are hard-working  but still having a hard time achieving your goals please don’t be too hard on yourself or blame yourself for not being as good as others. It simply means that you are not passionate about what you’re doing or haven’t found the ideal job that could drive you to go beyond your potential. We all need someone to inspire us to do our best and guide us through the difficult ordeals in order to become the best version of ourselves. Even the great Einstein had someone to guide him to what he was destined for. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying hard and idly wait for the right people to come to your life and change it overnight. Have faith in yourself, never stop working hard, never stop believing in miracles and you’ll see where life takes you ;).



Day 16( Hello Real World!! ^_^)

Holaaaaaaaaa EVERYONE!!!!! 😀 😀 I wanted to share this good news with you all. ^_^ Sorry it took me a long time to post my next blog but I was really busy with my last semester of college and yep, you guessed it right 😀 the good news is that I am finally done with my Undergrad and the title says it all. A new life, a new beginning and a new but will-try-to-be a better version of me as I embark on my new endeavour to fulfil my dreams in the Real World.

Nature of Life
Nature of Life (Digital Original)

I’m excited, scared, curious and even doubtful of my own abilities if they are enough to help me achieve my goals in life. It’s daunting to even think about being out there, acting like a grown-up, pretending to know everything while deep inside feeling like a scared toddler who hasn’t even learned to walk properly. I am happy and at the same time worried about my future :/. I really miss being in college where submitting homework, assignments and attending exams were the only worrisome subjects of life occupying my mind.

Strange Things Around You (Digital Original)

As much as I hate to admit that I’m scared to death about my life after graduation, I don’t think worrying about the future will do any good  :/. So I’m just going to go ahead and continue working hard and will try my best to not let my failures and struggles affect my smile and happiness in any way :D. It’s like people say, ‘ Use your smile to change the World. Don’t let the World change your smile.’ Wish me Luck everyone! ^_^

Don’t Worry. Be Happy! (Digital Original)

Day 15 (Vibrant Kaleidoscope)

Hello Everyone!! Long time no read 😀 😛 I just noticed that I have received 100+ follows here on WordPress ^_^ I thank you all for the success of my blog even if it’s a crappy one by a crappy artist which is me in case you haven’t figured it out yet 😛 But this crappy artist is getting less crappier every single day because of you guys ^_^. I practice  drawing  whenever I get some free time for myself, so that I can post my drawings here and show them to my wonderful followers :D. I remember talking about getting 100 watchers on Deviantart in one of my earlier posts and wrote that I wish someday I would reach 100 follows here as well 😀 😀 It really means a lot to me that you are reading my blog and inspiring me to do my best through your lovely comments ^_^ .

To celebrate my 100 follows on WordPress I’m posting some very colorful, vibrant digital drawings today. Hope you like it ^_^

Galaxy Gazing (Digital Original)
Galaxy Gazing (Digital Original)

Day 14 (Sketch with Colors)

Yelloooooo PEOPLE !!!!! How are you all doing?? 😀 You know how I get excited every time I sit to type a blog for you peeps ^_^ and the artworks that I’m posting today will tell you exactly how much I appreciate your loving and encouraging comments about my work :’).

Full of Life (Digital Original)

My zest for art is what keeps me going. It helps me to stay calm and optimistic about life. Even though there are a zillion things in life to stress me out, I know that as long as I have a pencil, paper and an eraser there’s nothing in this world that can bring me down.

When I’m drawing I feel like a Super-heroine who’s not afraid to stand up against the bad guys and with great courage and strength tries her best to take them down. Well, in my case I don’t exactly consider them the bad guys but yes, there are certain people in my life and I’m sure you have them too who give you that bad vibe every time you are around them. But then I realized that it depends on me how I react to certain situations and to certain people’s actions. If I choose to take the negative events of my life as a positive-learning experience only then I can control the consequences of such occurrences in a positive way.

I know, it’s easier said than done :/  and I’m trying my level-best to master this skill -_- . Most of the time, I give in to the bad circumstances of my life, and I often end up being the victim of the people who create these circumstances, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally 😦 . But the good news is that now I can handle such situations way better than I used to before I started drawing again. It was my hobby that made me realize that a particular circumstance or a certain group of people cannot decide who I am and what are my capabilities. I’m the only one who can shape my life and change my destiny.

Time of Joy (Digital Original)

In today’s world where everybody is competing against each other, trying to bring each other down, it is very difficult to have a positive attitude towards life and abide by this ‘I believe in Myself’  philosophy all the time. You will always face obstacles in your life that will test your patience and strength and there will be times when you will want to give up and feel like you are in a dark abyss of misery but like Charlie Chaplin says, “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles.” , so no matter how big the problem is, it will soon go away ^_^ . But during these difficult times where your problems seem an undefeatable force always remember that no force is stronger than the faith that you have in yourself 🙂 .

I may be small but I’m not afraid of you… (Digital Original)

Day 13 (Doodly Doodles)

Today’s blog is about the weird doodles I did out of boredom ( some on class notes and some on digital medium) . I once read in an article that people who frequently make doodles are usually very restless and have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. Hmmmm…..that explains a lot about my behavior.

Doodle  (Digital Original)

Even though I’m as lazy as a cow , my mind is constantly thinking about stuffs that make like no sense :/ Sometimes I think about dinosaurs and sometimes about fairies. There are times when I contemplate about my future and wish that one day I would become a scientist who would turn this entire world into a CARTOON WORLD 😀 😀 I know, I’m weird :/ But I guess the best part about being restless, about being curious, about being ‘ WEIRD’  is that you don’t need people to keep you interested, to keep you happy. You have your own mind and your own little world to keep you busy ^_^ and the best way to avoid being bored is to draw doodles whenever and wherever you can.


To me nothing is a waste of time, not even doodling. It is believed that people who doodle a lot usually have an active mind because their mind is constantly thinking and refuses to stay still at one topic.


So remember, next time someone laughs at you and mocks you for the weird doodle you made in your notebook just ignore them. Be happy and proud of this talent of yours because you never know, sometimes the things that seem a waste of time right now might actually prove to be very beneficial to you in the future in some way or another. TATA!! ^_^ .

Ref used  (Digital Original)
Be Who You Are (Traditional)


Day 12 (Digital Artworks with a pinch of Horror Flavor )

Hello PEOPLE!!! 😀 😀 Hope everyone’s doing well :). So, Day 12….hmmmmm :/  I was wondering what I should post in this blog. Digital drawings, traditional drawings or Fanarts :3 How about I post Horror themed artworks!! 😀 . The idea came from recently watching the movie Split . It’s a psychological horror thriller film with James McAvoy playing a sufferer of Multiple Personality Disorder 😮 😮

Peace vs Anger ( Digital Original)

I came across this movie’s ad on Deviantart where they organized a contest in order to promote this movie. Now I couldn’t participate in that contest because as you know , I was super busy with exams but boy-oh-boy you should’ve seen the entries 😮 😮 They were all breathtakingly beautiful. But this post is neither about the movie nor about the contest( I wish it was about James McAvoy but no it’s not 😥 ) . Since I have a slight obsession with horror movies and anything that gives me goosebumps 😀 I often end up drawing things that are creepy and weird-looking 3:) 3:-) .

Fireflies warning the Red (Digital Original)

I usually don’t get scared of fictional horror movies but when I see that they are based on true events like Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Conjuring that’s when I have trouble sleeping at night :3 :3.

If I had to pick one horror movie that I would watch anytime-anywhere , then it would be The Wailing by Na Hong-jin. It’s a Korean horror flick with a plot line that will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY!! 😮 😮

Behind you in the Misty Jungle (Digital Original)

It’s an AWESOME movie in terms of acting, story and the degree of horror meter. I hate horror movies that have like no stories and are just there to scare people with actors wearing Halloween costumes -_- . But this movie is completely different from all the other horror movies that I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend this movie to you all and I would love to know some of your favorite horror movies. Cheerio! ^_^  ^_^

Beautiful Sacrifice (Digital Original)

Day 11 Hello Jack … Chucky’s back! :D :D

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!HELLLLLOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!! 😀 😀 How are you all doing??? I’ve got some very good news to share with you all ^_^ I got an A in my thesis course 😀 😀 I still can’t believe it :/ It’s so surreal 😮 😮 .But I really worked hard for this A and I’m thankful to the  Creator for answering my prayers ^_^

Imagine...... (Digital Original)

I also want to thank you all for bringing such a positive change into my life. Your encouraging comments about my drawings have really boosted up my confidence and made me realize that there’s still hope for me :’) , that I can overcome any kind of obstacle in my life as long as I love myself and have faith in myself and this grade is a proof of that ^_^ ^_^

I’m still not done with my Undergrad 😦 One semester left and I hope that soon ends well 😥 I see a lot of new followers here :o. Thank you so much for the follow. It really means a lot to me :’) .Hopefully, I’ll be getting more time to practice now 🙂 and you’ll get to see some more of my artworks here on blog. Please continue to support and encourage me like this. I’ve never met you but you all have a special place in my heart ^_^ It is because of you people that I have learned to appreciate myself and my skills :).

2015 vs 2017( Digital Original)

Day 10 (Mark Crilley tutorial)

Not going to make this post very long. Lucky you 😛 So I just got a few days break before countless quizzes and exams start forcing themselves into my life which is why I am able to spend some of my time blogging so that you lovely people can get the latest updates about my life 😀 Awwww….I already feel like a celebrity 😛 A girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

Coming back to the reality where quizzes and exams are trying to devour me  completely -_- , I took some time off to practice drawing and watching Mark Crilley tutorials are the best and quickest way to improve oneself as an artist. He shares some brilliant techniques and tricks that are very easy to follow and at the same time when you apply these you will realize how useful these are in making your drawings better than ever 😮 😮

Those of you who have seen his videos or are familiar with his work may or may not be able to distinguish my drawings from his because whenever I use reference from other people’s artworks I always try to add ‘my own element’ to it to make it…ummmm…I wouldn’t call it different but to leave a kind of signature mark to it so that people can recognize my self-made modifications in these drawings 🙂 So these drawings that I am posting today are probably a few days or a month old :/

I really hope that you like this post 🙂 Enjoy! ^_^

Day 9 Long Time No See :P

A very big HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO to you all!!! 😀 😀 Hope everyone is doing great ^_^ So, I’ve been super busy these past few days :/ with studies and other stuffs and was unable to take some time off for blogging 😦 . I would probably get even busier in the coming weeks 😦 so that’s a bummer 😥 but like I made a promise to myself in my first blog that I wouldn’t let anything come between me and my hobby which is drawing and so even during these busy days I try to make some time for my passion and Deviantart is a living or should I say a virtual proof of that :/


Just wanted to share with you guys that I’ve reached 100+ followers on Deviantart 😀 I’m very happy about it. Hopefully some day I’ll reach 100+ followers here as well ^_^ Dream big,right? 😛 I used to post my drawings on instagram but now I’ve stopped using it because there were artists who would send requests to follow me and then a few minutes  later they would unfollow me and that  would make me very upset. I know my drawings are crappy but still even if one is born an artist he/she still went through that phase when they had to practice to get to that professional level, when they were once a beginner….an amateur artist like me. I expected an artist to understand this. You hope for other artists to help you improve your drawing skills and not ignore you. If ordinary people had done this I wouldn’t have brooded over it much :/ but this was done by the very artists who would give posts about how their works had been rejected and how it would make them feel completely worthless about themselves. Well, they were doing the same to other artists as well, disrespecting their work -_- . Sending requests to follow me and then in a minute, deciding to not witness me grow as an artist was something I found very disappointing. It really doesn’t matter how good you draw or how many followers you have if you don’t have the heart of an artist who empathizes other artists and are willing to help them move forward then you’re just a puppet with moving hands. An artist should understand another artist and his/her journey as an artist. The reason why I stopped using Instagram was not because I couldn’t get myself many followers but because I didn’t get a chance to show my work to good artists who would criticize my work and would give me guidelines to improve myself.It was a complete waste of time :|Like a movie premiere in an empty Cinema Hall.Besides my crappy drawings are way too cool for these crappy people 😛 lol

Brightness-Original Artwork

When I started using Deviantart I was amazed to see that many professional artists working for marvel comics or mangas were following me or in Deviantart’s language ‘watching’ me and giving me some useful drawing guidelines and not only that; they have this section where you submit your art and request for the Critique and get some honest and useful criticisms about your work. Unlike Instagram, Deviantart wasn’t a complete waste of time 😀 You actually get to learn stuffs and improve your skills and showcase your talent.

Me Before You-Original Artwork(Digital)

No matter how crappy your drawings are you will always find people there who will appreciate and value your hard work and not just ignore you.  Now I’m not here to advertise Deviantart 😛 but if you are an artist and you are all about improving yourself as an artist and as a human being then I would suggest you to open an account on Deviantart. You will learn a lot from there 🙂 and I’m not saying this because I’ve got 100+ followers there 😛 but because a crappy artist like me just realized that there are artists out there who don’t judge you by your initial crappy drawings, will still have faith in you and are willing to guide you and help you to improve as an artist 🙂 Have a  good day everyone! ^_^

Fairies-Original Artwork(Digital)